Antep Baklava with Pistachio

Registered as a Protected Geographical Indication by the European Commission, Antep Baklava is the ultimate taste of Turkish baklava. Best pistachios are picked just to make baklava, thin phyllo pastry is hand-stretched by pastry chefs, later special melted butter is added and then it is baked professionally. You will want to hear the sound it makes when the warm sugar syrup meets the freshly-baked baklava with its unique colour of yellow gold. Crispy texture and excellent taste will take you up in the clouds! But, there's this rule to eat baklava; take one piece with your thumb and index finger, turn it upside down and just take a bite! This is the only way to enjoy it the most and our baklavas are the only way to experience this! Special Square, Pistachio Wrap, Carrot Sliced and Dry baklavas are the types we have. They all will be shipped asap to you and be sure that you'll be satisfied with the freshness and the taste of what you bought.